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(Dave Fisher, continued)

In 1964 The Highwaymen went their separate ways. David continued in music in New York, working with Bert Knapp, the legendary vocal coach, and producing and directing a folk trio that used the Highwaymen name. Later in the decade he moved to Los Angeles, where he became a successful songwriter, arranger, and producer for movies and television, working among others with Don Costa and for 20th Century Fox Studios and Glen Larson Productions. He contributed songs and arrangements for television shows such as “Fall Guy” and “The Highwayman,” and was the “go-to guy” in Hollywood for “source” music, which was used to support and enhance the mood in important scenes of the story. During this time, he and his friend and business associate, Wayne Hagstrom, known professionally as A.B. Clyde, wrote songs prolifically in many genres.

In 1990, Dave and the surviving original members of The Highwaymen reunited and joined with Boise-based bass player and guitarist Johann Helton to perform nationally until shortly before his death. During this latter-day career they released a number of new recordings (see them elsewhere on this website) and were delighted to see the group’s full story as the subject of a book entitled “Number #1” by their longtime fan and good friend Richard "Nick" Noble.

In 1998 he married his college sweetheart Dr. Elaine Haagen and moved to Rye, New York, where they enjoyed both the New York Yankees and the cultural highlights of New York City. There Dave was working on a book based on his and Bert Knapp's vocal training technique when he died.

He is survived by his beloved wife Elaine, his two children, Casey of Los Angeles and Charlotte of Santa Clara, California, his sister Joan Fare and her family, and stepson Jed Burgess, of Sunnyvale, California. A sister, Barbara Jane Rosenthal, died in 1991. Dave’s family, his friends, and his many fans lament his loss but have the recorded legacy of his wonderful music to keep his memory alive.

For Richard E. "Nick" Noble's book "Number #1," search for that title on barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com

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