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Our Newest (and in some ways our oldest) CD is Ready!

The Cambridge Tapes

Back in 1963, The Highwaymen did one of our better performances in a wonderful concert hall on the campus of MIT. By great luck, the concert was recorded, and by even greater luck the tape was preserved without serious deterioration since then. We have arranged to have a two-CD set made of the whole concert, and here it is. This CD is available from this site: see below for ordering information, and click on the image on the left to see more information and to listen to audio clips of the set.

Despite our being known to the general public primarily for our recorded "hit" tunes, "Michael" and "Cottonfields," The Highwaymen are best heard in person, where we can have a genuine connection with you who are hearing us in real time. So be sure to check Our Schedule on this site for an appearance near you.

Nevertheless, we take great pride in our live and studio recorded performances, and if you are not able to see and hear us in person we invite you to listen to and consider our offerings listed below. Our latest CDs are available from this site and from others, and we strongly urge you to take a listen to what we are doing now. Just click on the image of the CD to go to a page with excerpts and a full description.

NOTE: not all the recordings listed below are available from this site. We strongly recommend Folk Era Records as a source for our historical recordings and the PBS video, and for those of many other folk artists (ask for their catalog -- it's simply amazing!)

To order CDs available from this site please send a check for $15 for each CD to :

The Highwaymen, LLC
152 W 58th St #5B
New York, NY 10019

Shipping and handling are $2.00 for each order, no matter how many CDs. For other items, see the individual listings below.


Other Recordings
and Sources

When the Village Was Green

This CD presents us doing what we love best: singing and playing to an appreciative audience at one of the best folk venues on the East coast. Featured are crowd-pleasers and sing-alongs such as Woody Guthrie's "Roll On Columbia" and the lesser-known "Manchester Rambler" by Ewan McCall, and a special section that gives the listener a taste of what he or she might have heard in a Greenwich Village coffee house at the height of the folk revival movement in the 1960s. This CD is NO LONGER AVAILABLE from this site. The Highwaymen have embraced the technology of the 21st Century and so have made all the recorded tracks from our eight LPs from the 1960s, as well as those from our two new CDs, available online for downloading from the standard sources for these things such as
iTunes.com and eMusic.com.

Downloadable Music

The Water of Life

The first complete album we've done in a recording studio since 1964. Fourteen of our favorite tunes, both traditional and modern, from the north of England, Scotland and Ireland. This CD is available from this site. This is a VHS video tape or a DVD or a CD of a wonderful two-hour TV special we did for PBS in 2002. On board with us were The Kingston Trio, Judy Collins, The Smothers Brothers and many other folk performers from the 1960s. (Luckily for all present, there is NO recording of the terrific party we all had after the taping.) It is available from Folk Era and from Rhino Records.

This Land is Your Land

In Concert

Twenty-one tracks (nearly two "standard" CDs worth of music and talk) culled from the best of our live concerts since we re-joined as a group in the 1990's. Some old, some old but updated, and a whole bunch of new-to-us music that we have been aching to sing for years. This CD is available from this site. . . . and here are all of the vinyl albums we recorded back in the old days. EMI Records has placed the full contents of the first two LPs on one CD and it is available from Folk Era. For the others, tracks are available for downloading (above), or see your local garage sale!


Best of the Highwaymen

Here is a compilation of 24 tracks from our eight original United Artists LPs recorded from 1959 to 1964 on one CD. We don't know whether these tunes are our "best" -- we leave that to you. But they are damn good.
Available from
Folk Era.
Johann Helton has been our bass player and good friend for almost twenty years. He is an accomplished musician, guitarist and composer in his own right and has produced a series of CDs, all of which are available along with information on his life and work here.

Bringing It Home

Love's Way

Dave Fisher is the songwriter in the group, and he proves it on this solo CD of his work. It's a collection of personal songs about falling in love, losing love, and falling in love all over again. This CD is available from this site.