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After the death of Dave Fisher, careful thought and a great deal of soul-searching convinced the remaining original Highwaymen -- Bob Burnett, Steve Butts and Steve Trott -- that a trio, and especially one without Dave, would not be The Highwaymen. And so at that time we regretfully decided to end our 52 years of performing in public. This decision of course was made absolute by the subsequent loss of Bob Burnett.

However, we want very much to keep the Highwaymen name and memory alive and so we will continue to maintain this website and to make our recorded music available, both from here and on standard music sites such as iTunes.com, eMusic.com and others. So please continue to check the website now and then for news and updates.

For inquries about developing and extending access to our extensive archive of recorded music and for other business-related inquiries, please contact Stephen Butts at the address below. To order music or to contact The Highwaymen, please use the web or the physical address below.

The Highwaymen, LLC
Suite 5B
152 West 58th St
New York, NY 10019