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In Concert has a double meaning as our title for this CD. Yes, it is a set of tunes recorded live from some of our public performances in recent years. But as the musical term concertante indicates, it also means "playing together," which is an apt description of our common endeavor since we rejoined in the last decade-and-a-half after a long time apart.

In it you will find some old tunes which except for the inevitable changes that age and experience bring are relatively unchanged from when we last sang them in the 1960's, some old ones with a new musical perspective based on what we have heard and enjoyed in the years since, and some songs that are new to us that we think fit within our style. Mixed in between them are some commentaries on who we are and where we have come from.

Track List for In Concert.

(Click on highlighted selections to play a sample.)

1. No. 1 (Dave Fisher/A.B. Clyde) 2:18
2. Santianno (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher) 2:24
3. The Gypsy Rover (Leo McGuire) 3:55
4. Irish Work Song (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher and Steve Butts) 2:45
5. Introductions/Highwaymen Name Story 4:42
6. A Place In The Choir (Bill Staines) 2:29
7. Red Is The Rose (adapted and arranged by Steve Butts) 3:47
8. The River (Bill Staines) 4:09
9. The Tale Of Michael Flynn (adapted and arranged by Gil Robbins and Steve Butts) 2:28
10. Streets Of Laredo (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher) 3:24
11. The Sinking of the Reuben James (Woody Guthrie) 3:06

12. The Other Highwaymen Story 1:26
13. Wild Goose/Greenland Fisheries (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher and The Weavers) 4:08
14. Finneganís Wake (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher) 2:30
15. Rambliní Boy (Talk) 2:30
16. Rambliní Boy (Tom Paxton) 4:37
17. Guantanamera (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher and Steve Trott) 3:29
18. La Bamba (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher) 2:45
19. Michael (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher) 3:07
20. Cotton Fields (Huddie Ledbetter) 2:56
21. Parting Glass (adapted and arranged by Dave Fisher) 2:54

To order In Concert from this site please send a check for $15 for each CD and $2 for each order (no matter how many CDs are ordered) to :

The Highwaymen, LLC
6003 Seventh Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53143

Shipping and handling are included.

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