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I first heard Dave Fisher sing when he was a member of the Highwaymen. He sang lead on their hit song "Cottonfields." He also sang the high tenor part on the folk anthem “Michael” and the lead on “Gypsy Rover.” I had to see the singer behind these songs and attended a Highwaymen show at the Totem Pole Ballroom in Newton, Massachusetts, and met him then.

We met again in Hollywood, California, in 1969. Dave was my next door neighbor. I was trying to break into the music business at this time and we soon started working with each other. We wrote many songs together, co-produced some recording sessions and became friends.

This recording is really a labor of love by David and has been a long time coming. It's a concept album about falling in love, losing love, and falling in love all over again. Stages in life that many of us can recognize. His song writing is full of emotion, wistful nostalgia and a sense of melody that is both timeless and immediate. Dave's voice is the perfect compliment to these songs and he's singing as well now as he did back when we first met.

-- A.B.Clyde

Track List for Love's Way

(Click on highlighted selections to play a sample.)

1. Angels in My Backyard (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 3:29
2. See Her (Dave Fisher) 2:10
3. Love in the Wintertime (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 2:47
4. I Don’t Ever Have to Dream Again (Dave Fisher) 2:51
5. Those Who Came Before (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 2:41
6. Cottage For Sale (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 3:49
7. If I Was [Were – ed.] A Blackbird (Adapted and Arranged by Dave Fisher) 2:42

8. I Won’t Be Singing Sad Songs Today 3:31
9. I Worry ‘Bout You (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 3:31
10. Love Lives On (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 3:48
11. She Should Be In Love (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 4:18
12. Remember the Roses (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 2:44
13. You Have Come Again (Dave Fisher) 2:26
14. Love’s Way (Dave Fisher & A. B. Clyde) 3:12

To order Love's Way from this site please send a check for $15 for each CD and $2 for each order (no matter how many CDs are ordered) to :

The Highwaymen, LLC
6003 Seventh Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53143

Shipping and handling are included.

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