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On Saturday, October 26, 1963 we arrived at the Kresge Auditorium on the campus of MIT, with no thought of recording the show, so had made no preparations to do so. But in a stroke of luck, a technically savvy friend from Boston, John Keeler, arrived early for the concert and noticed that a professional Ampex tape machine was part of the amplification system. He offered to record our performance for us, and we gratefully accepted. It is these tapes, preserved by us for 45 years, digitized and only lightly edited, that you hear on this recording.

Good fortune smiled upon us in another way too. Not only were the hall, the recording equipment and the audience superb, but in our three years of touring and playing at colleges, clubs and concert halls, this was one of our finest performances. We were really “on” that night, and are so pleased with the way that comes through in these recordings.

Track List for The Cambridge Tapes.

(Click on highlighted selections to play a sample.)

CD 1

1. March on Brothers (Gil Robbins) 2:22
2. I'll Fly Away (Adapted by Dave Fisher) 2:16
3. Introductions and The Gypsy Rover (Leo McGuire) 5:24
4. Marching to Pretoria (Josef Marais) 2:07
5. Marianne (Ian Tyson) 3:41
6. Shaggy Dog Stories (Gil Robbins) 5:05
7. Roll On Columbia, Roll On (Woody Guthrie) 3:20
8. Portland County Jail (Gil Robbins) 2:09
9. El Humauaqueño (Adapted by Dave Fisher) 3:39
10. La Bamba (Adapted by Dave Fisher) 2:56
11. Well, Well, Well (Bob Gibson) 3:31
12. Introduction of the guitarrón (Gil Robbins) 0:56
13. The Ladybug and the Centipede (Hellerman and Minkoff) 2:40
14. The Sinking of the Reuben James (Woody Guthrie) 3:08
15. Michael (Adapted by Dave Fisher) 3:02
16, Cotton Fields (Huddie Ledbetter) 2:55

CD 2

1. John (Gil Robbins) 2:20
2. I Know Where I’m Going (Adapted by Dave Fisher) 2:14
3. Sourwood Mountain (Adapted by Dave Fisher) 1:59
4. Little Boy (Mike Settle) 3:54
5. Mr. Noah (Gil Robbins) 4:38
6. Canzone del Vino (Gil Robbins) 2:22
7. Abilene (Adapted by Gil Robbins) 4:52
8. Passin’ Through (Adapted by Gil Robbins) 3:13
9. Aunt Rhody (Gil Robbins) 0:29
10. I Never Will Marry (Adapted by Dave Fisher) 3:02
11. So Fare Ye Well (Gil Robbins) 2:45
12. You’re Always Welcome at Our House (Shel Silverstein) 3:15
13. Midnight Train (Gil Robbins) 2:31
14. The Universal Soldier (Buffy Sainte-Marie) 3:06

To order The Cambridge Tapes from this site please send a check for $30 for each two-CD package and $2 for each order (no matter how many packages or other CDs are ordered) to :

The Highwaymen, LLC
6003 Seventh Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53143

Shipping and handling are included in the two bucks.

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