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Photo by Mark Swirsky.

Bob sings 2nd tenor with the group and plays a nylon-stringed guitar finger-style. Aside from a 6-month stint in the US Army in 1962-63, he has been with The Highwaymen from Day One.

Bob was born in Mystic, Connecticut and has been a sailor since childhood. He has been an active athlete all his life, a member of the Wesleyan track team and hockey player in college, and a marathon runner later in life.

In 1964 Bob entered Harvard Law School and has since used his degree as a trust officer at several banks headquartered in Providence, RI. He currently is a Vice President of the Bank of America.

Photo by Mark Swirsky.
Photo by Unknown.

Here he is with his wife, Cathy, and three of their seven grandkids, Andie Mae Burnett, Gwyneth McDonald, and Tressa Burnett-Testa

Bob and Gwyneth McDonald. Really nice right-hand position for classical guitar! Now, if the big guy would just let me show him how it's done . . .

Photo by Cathy Burnett.
Photo by Al Burnett.

Running in the New York City Marathon, 1998.