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Photo by Mark Swirsky.

Dave Fisher is the lead tenor, lead guitarist and musical director of The Highwaymen.

When the group first disbanded in the mid sixties, Dave recorded an LP and some singles with Columbia records. After playing as a solo artist at the Gaslight in Greenwich Village for a year, he moved to Los Angeles and was signed to MGM records where he recorded two singles.

Dave spent thirty years in LA where he composed, arranged, edited and supervised music for TV and film for most of the major studios and wrote over a thousand songs.

Arranging a tune at the piano. Photo by Charles DePuy.
Enjoying a song onstage. Photo by Mark Swirsky.

For the last twenty years, hes been happy to be back doing what he loves most: singing and playing with The Highwaymen.

He has also moved back to the New York area, living in Westchester County with his wife, Elaine. Dave has a son, Casey, a daughter, Charley, and a stepson, Jed, all who live in California.